"Every lesson is different and interesting. They're fun and I always leave in a great mood because I learn something new every time.
Boram is really easy to get along with, her feedback is spot on and she delivers it with good humour. She makes sure the lessons are focused around what you're interested in learning: practice, theory, listening... combinations of or a bit of everything.
Thank you!"

Iván Maeder
​Piano Student

Boram 's piano lessons have helped me a lot to feel more the music and understand how and what I am playing. Her teaching style is great - she knows why you are struggling and guide very well on how to overcome them. Her knowledge and passion for music is stunning from classical to modern which she conveys very well in the lessons going beyond just playing piano. well recommended for children or older learner! 

Dinh Pham
​Piano Student

Boram is a top quality piano teacher with a genuine interest and support for her students. She is able to get the best out of you through a combination of encouragement and discipline. Her vast knowledge in technical aspects of playing as well as music theory make sure you will quickly get ahead in your piano studies. I can recommend her highly!

Lari Telaranta
​Piano/Composition Student

"I would easily recommend Boram to anyone wanting to learn piano, whatever level, whatever style. She is such a lovely person and a great teacher. Her knowledge and skill of the piano is amazing. I've only been learning piano for a couple of months now but can't believe how much I know already. My lessons are such a great way to start a weekend and are so motivating, I always come home with such energy afterwards. Her enthusiasm and love for music really shines through onto you making you want to learn more, study more and play better. She is very patient but also great at pushing you forward with your learning and playing."

Lisa Taylor
 Piano Student

" I am an older learner and have been studying with Boram for a year now.  I suffer constant doubts about my ability but she has been very supportive and has gently pushed me to achieve my best.  She is diligent and very capable.  She is also friendly and shows a genuine interest in my progress.  I would happily recommend her for students of all ages and abilities."

Anthony Busby
Piano Student

"I've just started with Boram my long journey to learn how to play the piano and I am having great fun!
Boram's lessons are challenging and intense, but always enjoyable. She has the rare ability to show you your mistakes in a constructive way and always with a smile, and the experience to tailor each lesson to suit your inclinations and push you to explore new boundaries.
My only regret is that I wish I had met her earlier!"

Lorenzo Bolla
Piano Student

"I really enjoy my piano lessons from Boram. I went to piano lessons when I was at school and I always wanted to go back to it and she has given me the confidence and skills that I needed. She has a good sense of humor and has lots of patience which she needs to have with me! It is wonderful to hear her play and she is truly inspiring."

Katarina S.
Piano Student

I'm middle aged and took up the piano for the 1st time a couple of years ago, not being able to read music and starting with a "teach yourself" book, which just about got me off the ground so I knew where middle C was, but not what to do with it!
I then started lessons with Boram about 20 months ago, effectively learning from scratch.
Her patience is amazing and her good humour is infectious.
It's been a fantastic journey, from simple scales to trying out a piece at Boram's recent student concert, playing nerve-shreddingly in front of an audience of 50 or so people for the 1st time.
I look forward to continuing to progress - albeit as Boram very kindly points, I'd do so more quickly if I practised a bit more!
I'd gladly recommend Boram to kids and adults of all ages alike - and having heard some of her other amazing students play as the concert - at whatever level.

Trevor Davies
​Piano Student

"Thanks to you Boram for teaching our 6 year old son. He really looks forward to his lessons and is even playing the piano without us asking him to!!"

Blair Jollands
Joseph Jollands'  father

"Boram is a very special lady - an excellent piano teacher, and a very intelligent and fun person to be around. The atmosphere is always friendly, relaxed and engaging. At the same time there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of work. When i first met Boram, it was apparent straight away that she has a keen ear, and very quickly understood my (few) strengths and (many) weaknesses as a piano player. Playing any musical instrument requires great attention to small detail and Boram particularly excels at this. I have faced many obstacles with my playing, and every time I've hit a brick wall, Boram has always displayed wit, intelligence and imagination in abundance to help me overcome these difficulties. That I can play the instrument a little bit now (and occasionally quite well, when no one's listening) is entirely as a result of the excellence of Boram's teaching. I have even started doing some teaching myself, such has been my progress under her tutelage (this, in under 2 years of work with her). Having got to know Boram quite well in the two years I've known her, her philosophy is that you can do anything with hard work and dedication. Considering how well I play now - having no natural talent of my own - it would appear she is correct in this assertion. In short, if you really want to learn how to play the piano, Boram really will teach you."

Jonathan Walsh
Piano / Composition Student

Thank you so Boram you're a such a lovely and excellent teacher as you know my daughter just started lessons almost 3 months ago, seeing my daughter in the concert I'm really proud of her. Thank you so much Boram!"

Shirley Guevarra 
​Mariae's Mother

"With great pleasure I would recommend Boram as a piano teacher. Lessons are not only enjoyable but her unique technique makes you feel comfortable, motivated and inspired to learn. The best thing I found about learning with Boram is that she truly cares about you as a student. If you're thinking of taking lessons either for personal or professional development then I would say to go for it."

Darren Bancroft - vocalist from 'We Have Band'
Music Composition Student